Annual meeting of FLUX developmental neuroscience Society

29th Aug – 1st Sep: Nora Turoman (now employed at HES SO from 1st of October) & Paul took part in the annual meeting of FLUX developmental neuroscience Society. As part of this conference:

 – Paul acted as a discussion facilitator of a workgroup Doing Research in Naturalistic Settings during the  Flux 2019 Pre-Conference workshop “Beyond the lab: Translating developmental neuroscience” organised by Dr Lucia Magis Weinberg & Natasha Duell:  

 – During the FLUX 2019 Conference, Paul also chaired a competitive poster symposium entitled “Lost in Translation: How does neuroimaging contribute to understanding development in everyday diverse environments”:

 – At the Flux 2019 Conference, Nora presented a poster on her latest findings on the dependence of educational outcomes on both visual and multisensory attentional control, as a function of age: