Presentation of Vincent Andrearczyk at MMM2020

Vincent Andrearczyk presented our work on exploiting images from public biomedical literature for machine learning at the 26th international conference on MultiMedia Modelling (MMM2020) in Daejeon, Korea.

Full details of the paper: “Studying Public Medical Images from the Open Access Literature and Social Networks for Model Training and Knowledge Extraction” by Henning Müller, Vincent Andrearczyk, Oscar Jimenez del Toro, Anjani Dhrangadhariya, Roger Schaer and Manfredo Atzori.

Invited talk of Valentin Oreiller at the 2019 Workshop on Machine Learning in Radiology

Valentin Oreiller gave an invited talk on “Learning with less data: Parametric and Locally Rotation Invariant CNNs” at the Workshop on Machine Learning in Radiology 2019 in CHUV (Centre Hospitalier Universaire Vaudois), Lausanne.

This workshop, co-organized by CHUV Department of Radiology and Siemens Healthineers Advanced Clinical Imaging Technology, gathered national and international researchers for discussions and talks on the use of machine learning with radiology data, and how these techniques can benefit clinical practice.

Four papers accepted at SPIE Medical Imaging 2020!

Four papers have been accepted for oral presentations at the 2020 SPIE Medical Imaging conference which will be held in Houston, Texas, 15 – 20 February 2020.

“Exploiting the PubMed central repository to mine out a large multimodal dataset of rare cancer studies” by Anjani K. Dhrangadhariya, Oscar Jimenez-del-Toro, Vincent Andrearczyk, Manfredo Atzori and Henning Müller, in the Imaging Informatics for Healthcare, Research, and Applications track.

“A systematic comparison of deep learning strategies for weakly supervised Gleason grading” by Sebastian Otálora, Oscar Jimenez-del-Toro, Manfredo Atzori, Amjad Khan, Vincent Andrearczyk and Henning Müller, in the Digital Pathology track.

“An exploration of uncertainty information for segmentation quality assessment” by Katharina Hoebel, Vincent Andrearczyk, Andrew L. Beers, Jay B. Patel, Ken Chang, Adrien Depeursinge, Henning Müller and Jayashree Kalpathy-Cramer, in the Image Processing track.

“Generalizing convolution neural networks on stain color heterogeneous data for computational pathology”, by Amjad Khan, Manfredo Atzori, Sebastian Otálora, Vincent Andrearczyk and Henning Müller, in the Digital Pathology track.

Annual meeting of FLUX developmental neuroscience Society

29th Aug – 1st Sep: Nora Turoman (now employed at HES SO from 1st of October) & Paul took part in the annual meeting of FLUX developmental neuroscience Society. As part of this conference:

 – Paul acted as a discussion facilitator of a workgroup Doing Research in Naturalistic Settings during the  Flux 2019 Pre-Conference workshop “Beyond the lab: Translating developmental neuroscience” organised by Dr Lucia Magis Weinberg & Natasha Duell:  

 – During the FLUX 2019 Conference, Paul also chaired a competitive poster symposium entitled “Lost in Translation: How does neuroimaging contribute to understanding development in everyday diverse environments”:

 – At the Flux 2019 Conference, Nora presented a poster on her latest findings on the dependence of educational outcomes on both visual and multisensory attentional control, as a function of age:

Paper on faulty models accepted for presentation at SDL-CV

The paper entitled “Interpreting Intentionally Flawed Models with Linear Probes” by Mara Graziani, Henning Müller and Vincent Andrearczyk has been accepted for presentation at The First Workshop on Statistical Deep Learning in Computer Vision (SDL-CV). The workshop will be held in conjunction with ICCV 2019 in Seoul, Korea 27th Oct.

Find out more about the paper and source code on the medium post at this link.

Paper accepted for publication in Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology

Our new paper on staining invariant features in deep CNNs has been accepted for publication in Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology.

Paper now available at this link.

Title and authors: “Staining invariant features for improving generalization of deep convolutional neural networks in computational pathology”, Sebastian Otálora, Manfredo Atzori, Vincent Andrearczyk, Amjad Khan and Henning Müller

Another paper accepted at IMVIP 2019

The paper Visualizing and Interpreting Feature Reuse of Pretrained CNNs for Histopathology by Mara Graziani, Vincent Andrearczyk and Henning Müller has been accepted at the Irish Machine Vision and Image Processing conference (IMVIP 2019). Meet our team at the poster presentation in Dublin, 28-30 August.

More details, paper preview and github repo in the medium post.

New paper accepted for publication at IMVIP

The paper “Solid Spherical Energy (SSE) CNNs for Efficient 3D Medical Image Analysis”, by Vincent Andrearczyk, Valentin Oreiller, Julien Fageot, Xavier Montet and Adrien Depeursinge has been accepted for presentation at the Irish Machine Vision and Image Processing conference (IMVIP 2019), to be held in Dublin 28-30 August.