Five papers accepted at MICCAI 2018 workshops

The following papers have been accepted for publication at the MICCAI 2018 workshops, Granada, Spain, 2018:

A. Depeursinge et al., Rotation Invariance and Directional Sensitivity: Spherical  Harmonics versus Radiomics Features, at MLMI

M. Graziani et al., Regression Concept Vectors for Bidirectional Explanations in Histopathology, at iMIMIC

S. Otalora et. al, Image Magnification Regression Using DenseNet for Exploiting Histopathology Open Access, at COMPAY

O. Perdomo et al., Glaucoma Diagnosis from Eye Fundus Images Based on Deep Morphometric Feature Estimation, at OMIA

A. Reinke et al., How can we do better? Pitfalls in biomedical challenge design  and how to address them, at LABELS