VISCERAL project awarded with Microsoft Azure sponsorship

The VISCERAL project received a Microsoft Azure sponsorship until June 2017. This will allow us to continue running the VISCERAL benchmarks in the Azure cloud platform for an extended period of time.  

The current open benchmarks are:

Anatomy3 continuous: The Benchmark tasks are the segmentation of bones, inner organs and relevant substructures. The Benchmark runs under a continuous evaluation approach – results on the test set can be obtained at any time.

Detection2: The goal is to automatically detect lesions in images. We will distribute training data with a large number of expert annotated lesions for training of detection algorithms. During the evaluation these algorithms will be applied to new data. The lesions are in bones, lungs, brain, liver, lymphnodes.

Retrieval2: The objective of retrieval algorithms will be to find cases with similar anomalies based on query cases.