3 papers accepted at MICCAI workshops

We will be presenting our two papers on Head and Neck tumor segmentation and prognostic prediction, and one paper on colorectal cancer detection in whole slide images at MICCAI workshops Sept. 27th and Oct. 1st. Together with our paper at the main conference and the organization of the HECKTOR challenge, we are happy to have a total of five great contributions to MICCAI this year.

3D multi-modal (PET/CT) and multi-task architecture with a common down-sampling branch (green), an up-sampling segmentation branch (blue) and a radiomics branch (red).
Example of a manual annotation of primary tumor in blue and the UNet-generated automatic annotation in red on a fused PET/CT image.
Comparison between pixel-wise annotations made by a pathologist with attention maps of MuSTMIL (ours), Hashimoto et al. (2020) MSMIL and SSMIL. Cancer (red), lgd (yellow), hyperplastic poly (blue), normal tissue (orange).