Article on Kinematic-Muscular Synergies in Hand Grasp Patterns Published in IEEE Access

Our recent work “Functional synergies applied to a publicly available dataset of hand grasps show evidence of kinematic-muscular synergistic control” has been published in IEEE access.

Hand grasp patterns are the results of complex kinematic-muscular coordination and
synergistic control might help reducing the dimensionality of the motor control space at the hand level.
Kinematic-muscular synergies combining muscle and kinematic hand grasp data have not been investigated before. This paper provides a novel analysis of kinematic-muscular synergies from kinematic-muscular data of 28 subjects, performing up to 20 hand grasps.

The results generalize the description of muscle and hand kinematics, better clarifying several limits of the field and fostering the development of applications in rehabilitation and assistive robotics.