Article published in Bioinformatics with shared ImageJ plugin

Our work on automatic template detection for microscopy images “Steer’n’Detect: Fast 2D Template Detection with Accurate Orientation Estimation“, by V. Uhlmann, Z. Püspöki, A. Depeursinge, M. Unser, D. Sage and J. Fageot., has been accepted for publication in the Bioiformatics jounal.

In this work, we introduce Steer’n’Detect, an ImageJ plugin to detect patterns of interest at any orientation with high accuracy from a single template in 2D images.

Detection of rod-shaped bacteria with Steer’n’Detect (synthetic image degraded by self-similar Gaussian random field background noise).
Detection of spermatozoan axoneme with Steer’n’Detect (transmission electron microscopy image) (Reused from Top left: image crop used as template; bottom left: resulting detector; right: detection results