Journal article published in Neuroscience

Our recent work on “Spatial and temporal muscle synergies provide a dual characterization of low-dimensional and intermittent control of upper-limb movements“, authored by C. Brambilla, M. Atzori, H. Müller, A. d’Avella, and A. Scano, has been published in Neuroscience (Elsevier).

Some of the exciting highlights of the work:

  • Non-negative matrix factorization allows to extract spatial and temporal synergies.
  • Spatial and temporal synergies were extracted from two upper-limb datasets.
  • We showed the existence of EMG spatial and temporal structure with surrogate data.
  • Spatial and temporal synergies may capture different hierarchical levels of motor control.
  • The structure of temporal synergies may be related to intermittent control.
Overview of the study