'Medical 3D data retrieval' keynote talk at Eurographics2013

Prof. Henning Müller has been invited as a speaker at the Eurographics Workshop on 3D Object Retrieval. This event will take place in Girona (Spain) May 11-2013. 

The Keynote talk is called “Medical 3D data retrieval”:

Medical tomographic data is produced in enormous quantities and currently very little of the knowledge stored in past cases has been exploited as data is only used in the context of single patients. In difference to object retrieval, tomographic data represents solid texture and the texture variation inside objects is usually more important than shapes of structures. The presentation will describe methods for retrieval of solid medical 3D texture in several applications and ways to better exploit existing medical data. 

The VISCERAL challenge in medical images segmentation and retrieval will be presented that has the goal to bring medical 3Ddata analysis towards big data. Several terabytes of data will be made available to the scientific community to first identify important body parts and then retrieve similar cases for challenges that will be run inside the cloud.