Our work on taxonomy in AI interpretability highlighted in RSIPVision

A 4-pages article has been published in RSVIPVision, highlighting our work on A global taxonomy of interpretable AI, based on an excellent interview of Mara Graziani and Vincent Andrearczyk by Ralph Anzarouth.

More details on our work “A global taxonomy of interpretable AI: unifying the terminology for the technical and social sciences” are available in the paper.

This work was made possible thanks to the large collaboration of experts in various domains: Mara Graziani, Lidia Dutkiewicz, Davide Calvaresi, José Pereira Amorim, Katerina Yordanova, Mor Vered, Rahul Nair, Pedro Henriques Abreu, Tobias Blanke, Valeria Pulignano, John O. Prior, Lode Lauwaert, Wessel Reijers, Adrien Depeursinge, Vincent Andrearczyk and Henning Müller.