Article on feature stability published in Nature Scientific Reports

Our work on Assessing radiomics feature stability with simulated CT acquisitions has been published in Nature Scientific Reports. The authors K. Flouris, O. Jimenez-del-Toro, C. Aberle, M. Bach, R. Schaer, M. M. Obmann, B. Stieltjes, H. Müller, A. Depeursinge and E. Konukoglu developed and validated a Computed Tomography (CT) simulator and showed that the variability, stability and discriminative power of the radiomics features extracted from the virtual phantom images are similar to those observed in a tandem phantom study. They also demonstrated that the simulator can be utilised to assess radiomics features’ stability and discriminative power.

More details in the article available online:

Annotated regions of interest on the anthropomorphic phantom.