ExPlanatory radiomICS (EPICS): Designing Analysis and Visualization Tools for Radiomics Scientists and Physicians – Fondation Hasler

Through this project we aim to design, implement and evaluate a novel system which presents radiomics researchers with explainable visual analytics capabilities, and empowers them to seamlessly create models and test PM hypotheses on multivariable radiomics data. Designed as a web-based platform, the tool will provide a singular pipeline for uploading radiological images, extracting relevant radiomics features, creating models, and providing the latter to the medical professionals in an intuitive interactive manner for the purpose of visual analytics. Precisely, we aim to integrate two systems — QuantImage and VASCO (Assisted Visualisation Generation Platform for AnalySing Data COllaboratively), which are currently under development at HES-SO Valais. The former system is a web-based radiomics platform allowing medical researchers to upload batches of radiology images and extract radiomics features. On the other hand, VASCO is designed to support users’ needs for visual analytics, and also embeds intelligent recommendations of visualizations based on the nature of data. We believe that their integration will be advantageous for the significant advancements in the diagnosis and treatment of tumors. Consequently, we will engage physicians and medical professionals from the beginning of the design process, following the human-centered design methodology. Moreover, the evaluation of the design system with the medical professionals will also ensure the scalability and wider acceptability of the tool by the radiomics researchers and help us identify the next research perspectives in explainable radiomics.

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