The main objectives of this project include

  • Leveraging the wealth of modern radiology images
  • Translating latest research results of the principal investigator and colleagues into concrete tools that can be used in the clinical workflow
  • More specifically, the research project focuses on:
    • Development of clinical workflows, graphical user interfaces and web services for the ePAD platform for general purpose and specific use-cases
    • Keep medical experts in the development cycle;
    • Identification of opportunities, risks and barriers for carrying out transfer technologies from latest research outcomes into commercial software for quantitative medical image analysis.


Adrien Depeursinge

Yashin Dicente

Roger Schaer


Stanford University
  • Prof. Daniel Rubin, Associate Professor of Biomedical Data Science and of Radiology (Integrative Biomedical Imaging Informatics at Stanford), of Medicine (Biomedical Informatics Research) and, by courtesy, of Ophthalmology
CHUV (Centre hospitalier universitaire vaudois)
  • Joël Castelli, Oncologist-Radiotherapist